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Anchor Moving & Storage’s Dedicated In-House Team

  • mike-jenkinsMike Jenkins


    Moving Experience since 1988

    Anchor Employee since: 2010

    Selected as South Jersey Biz Magazine’s top Executives for 2013, Mike helps lead Anchor Moving & Storage to become one of Philadelphia’s premier moving companies.

    Growing up with a father that was an officer in the Air Force, moving became a part of Mike’s life from the beginning.  Relocating every two years and spanning the globe, Mike understands that moving is more than just an address change.

    Mike began working on the trucks starting in 1988 during the summers to help pay for college.  Upon graduation from Rowan University in ’92, and a failed attempt of become a professional Tetris player, Mike became a sales person for one of the largest van lines in the Country.  Mike quickly worked his way up to be one of the top 10 bookers in COD sales in the country while moving over 15,000 families in his career.  In 2008, Mike started “Sound Relocation”, a packing business acting as a subcontractor to multiple moving companies.   In 2010, along with the support of his friends and family, Mike purchased Anchor Moving & Storage.  “I really enjoyed those two years as a packer, rolling up my sleeves, & working alongside some great people.  It really grew my network of quality workers that I was able to bring with me to Anchor and help the company grow”.

    In Mike’s newly established position as President at Anchor Moving & Storage, Mike has already amassed an impressive list of successful moves for organizations such as: State of NJ Treasury Dept., NJ Judiciary system, NJ Office of Legislative Services, College of NJ, Rowan University, Lincoln University, Rutgers, Convatec, Voorhees Municipality, DYFS, Merrill Lynch, Magrann Associates, Sea Isle Library, and a list of others. Anchor Moving & Storage has seen tremendous growth over the last three years despite the recession and has been able to provide jobs for 50+ employees and their families. In 2013, Inc Magazine awarded Anchor as one of Philadelphia’s top 50 fastest growing companies.

    When not working (which is rare), Mike enjoys his time with his wife of 20+ years and three daughters, along with the occasional round of golf.

  • ed-jenkinsEd Jenkins, Lt. Col. USAF ret.

    VP Government Relations

    Moving Experience since 1968

    Anchor Employee since: 2010

    “Do what’s right” is Ed’s leadership and management philosophy, which was born and distilled during his 24 year military service and 12 years as a state emergency manager and planner.  When asked about his moving experience, Ed said,” Having moved 15 times in 24 years, my family identifies closely with the emotional burden when a family is up-rooted.  My work with Anchor Moving and Storage seems like a natural progression of service to others while navigating and satisfying the requirements of government oversight.” Ed and his wife Ann are preparing for move number sixteen while renovating a house in Chestnut Hill, PA.  If you mention golf to Ed, you’ll likely get an invitation to join him for a round.

  • joe-callahan Joe Callahan

    General Manager at Anchor Moving & Storage

    Moving Experience: since 2008

    Anchor Employee: since 2017


  • lisa-haleLisa Hale

    Office Manager / Move Manager

    Moving Experience since 1994

    Anchor Employee since: 2011

    Lisa’s journey in the moving industry began in 1994 when she started as a receptionist and sales coordinator for a Philadelphia-based moving company. During this time, she worked alongside Mike Jenkins, the future President of Anchor. Moving & Storage. Two decades later, Lisa reunited with Mike in his new venture at Anchor. Her exceptional organizational and customer service skills have played a pivotal role in propelling Anchor to national prominence.

    Lisa’s outstanding contributions were recognized when Anchor was awarded “Agent of the Month” for Wheaton Worldwide in July 2013 and when Anchor Moving & Storage was honored as “Member of the Year” by the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association. Her meticulous attention to detail and remarkable ability to recall customers set her apart. Lisa never refers to a customer as just a number; she sees them as friends.

    In fact, Lisa’s commitment to personal connections is so profound that if you call her years after your last move to set up another relocation, she won’t just remember you and your family, but she’ll treat you as part of her extended family. Her dedication to making every customer’s experience exceptional is a hallmark of her work at Anchor.

  • gary-clemensGary Clemmens

    VP Logistics Services

    Moving Experience since: 1981

    Anchor Employee since: 2013

    Gary serves as the Vice President of Logistics Services at Anchor Moving & Storage, where he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our services as trusted agents for Atlas Van Lines.

    With 42 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. He has dedicated years honing his skills and developing a deep understanding of the logistics and moving sectors. Gary heads the appliance, white glove services, and final mile sectors of Anchor Moving and Storage, overseeing vehicle maintenance, repairs, and paperwork, as well as dispatching logistics drivers and managing warehouse operations.

    Gary’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service is evident in his dedication to streamlining the logistical aspects of our moving and storage operations. His extensive experience and hands-on approach make him an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring that every move we undertake is executed with precision and care.

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    maryann-kellyMaryann Kelly

    Finance Director

    Moving Experience since: 1969

    Anchor Employee since: 2011

    Maryann’s career in the moving industry began in 1969 with GSW / Allied Van Lines in Haddon Heights, NJ. Since then she has been a faithful Wheaton team member. From 1970-1972 she was employed by Banner / Wheaton in Moorestown, NJ. She left the business for 8 years to stay at home and raise her children returning to Banner / Wheaton in 1980 and relocating with them to Florida in 1983 and 1984. She returned to New Jersey with Wheaton until she joined our team in 2011 bringing her full complement of skills and experience. Maryann is our “go to” person for any and all accounting related functions.–>

  • sandy-clemmensSandy Clemmens

    Move Manager / Appliance Distribution specialist

    Moving Experience since: 2000

    Anchor Employee since: 2013

    With over two decades of moving experience dating back to 2000, Sandy has been a valued member of the Anchor team since 2013. Sandy possesses a unique talent for connecting with people, whether it’s within the office or across various teams. Her ability to understand and relate to different personalities allows her to establish a common ground, fostering effective communication.

    Sandy’s work ethic is exemplified by her meticulous attention to detail and her commitment to follow up on every task. This dedication becomes especially evident when customers reach out with their positive experiences after they’ve completed their moves. Sandy is not just an individual contributor but a true team player, embodying the spirit of “Team Anchor.” Her approach to work is driven by collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence.”

  • terry-glanceyTerry Glancey

    Move Manager / Military specialist

    Moving Experience since: 1975

    Anchor Employee since: 2014

    With a wealth of moving experience dating back to 1975, Terry has been a dedicated member of the Anchor team since 2014. Her journey in the moving industry began during her time at Haddon Heights High School, where she participated in a cooperative education program that split her days between school and work. The moving industry not only provided a decent living for Terry’s family but also became a lifelong passion.

    Terry’s involvement in the industry has been multifaceted, with roles spanning from accounting to customer service. Throughout her career, she has donned many hats, but her true calling has always been in assisting military personnel and their families with their relocation. Working closely alongside Mike Jenkins for several years, Terry officially joined his company in 2014.

    Terry’s dedication to her work is reflected in her commitment to treating every customer with the same care and attention she would give to her own family, honoring the principle that every move should be as smooth and worry-free as if it were her mother’s own.


  • bob-marshallBob Marshall

    Relocation Consultant

    Moving Experience since:1993

    Anchor Employee since 2013

    With over 20 years of moving experience since 1993, Bob has been a valued member of the Anchor team since 2013. Over the course of his career, Bob has represented some of the largest names in the industry and has found a fulfilling home at Anchor Moving and Storage. His enduring success is evidenced by the numerous repeat customers and referrals, a testament to his unwavering dedication to providing exceptional, old-fashioned customer service.

    In a career that spans decades, Bob now finds himself assisting not only the original customers he served but also their sons and daughters as they embark on their own relocation journeys. Beyond work, Bob enjoys spending his spare time traveling, exploring the culinary arts, and savoring moments at the beach.”

  • jessica-hanson

    Jessica Hanson

    Financial Auditor, Controller, Accounts Payable 

    Anchor Employee since 2018

    Jessica Hanson’s role is multifaceted and vital to the company’s financial operations. She specializes in the thorough analysis and processing of various financial components, including financial statements, documents, data, accounting entries, bank statements, and records of sales commissions. Moreover, Jessica holds the crucial responsibility of overseeing and conducting audits for all employees engaged in the accounting processes, covering functions like accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management, and compliance with industry regulations. Similarly, an integral part of her role is the seamless management of payroll for a substantial workforce comprising over 50 employees and 20 contractors on a weekly basis.  Jessica’s role is integral to the overall financial well-being of the organization.



    maria-wakerMaria Waker

    Move Manager / Office & Industrial specialist

    Moving Experience since: 2008

    Anchor Employee since: 2012

    With a degree from La Salle University, Maria brings her multi-faceted experience to Anchor. Previous positions include bookkeeping, office management, tax examination at the IRS, and most importantly previous experience in the moving and storage industry.  Maria is known for her attention to detail and her focus on improving the customer experience. Customers can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked and each job will be managed with the utmost care.–>

  • kathy-nicastroKathy Nicastro

    Storage Billing / Payroll / Accounts Payable

    Moving Experience since: 2000

    Anchor Employee since: 2014

    Kathy Nicastro assists Anchor in the storage invoicing area and other accounting functions.  After retiring from a 44 year insurance career, she decided to “Go New Places” and joined the Anchor team to learn the moving & storage business. Kathy has a strong sense of urgency when providing customers, or other employees, with information they need on a timely basis.  All are important to her.

  • Maggie Jenkins, Director of Marketing
    Maggie Jenkins

    Director of Marketing

    Moving Experience since :2023

    Anchor Employee since:2023

    As a middle school teacher for 27 years, Maggie was passionate about fostering a love for learning. Her empathetic nature and strong communication skills allowed her to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment. She constantly adapted teaching methods to meet individual learning styles, helping students achieve academic success and personal growth. In her current role as Director of Marketing and Social Media at Anchor Moving and Storage, she creates and implements innovative marketing strategies that strengthen brand visibility and drive business growth. Leveraging her innate ability to communicate effectively, she oversees social media campaigns, develops engaging content, and fosters meaningful connections with Anchor Moving & Storage’s audience.


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