Career Opportunities With Anchor Moving & Storage

Career opportunities in the moving industry are in demand.

Career Opportunities

Atlas Van Lines is on top of the International Moving Industry.Career opportunities are available at Anchor Moving & Storage. Anchor Moving & Storage, founded in 1969, is a family-owned business in Moorestown, NJ. They serve the Delaware Valley area near Philadelphia, PA. Anchor offers top-notch relocation services for clients worldwide, combining local family moving services with long distance capabilities.

Advantages to working with Anchor Moving & Storage:

  • Direct Deposit Available
  • Paid Holiday / Vacation Time
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Travel / Expense Accounts
  • 401K
  • Performance Reviews
  • Medical Insurance

Career Opportunities Available

Look at our job list of careers available at Anchor Moving & Storage. Each listing has job duties, qualifications, and a detailed summary of the position. Each listing has a form at the end if you decide to apply for that opportunity.

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Substance and Alcohol Testing

All new hires are required to review and sign a consent and disclosure statement for controlled substance and alcohol testing at Anchor Moving & Storage.

Due to ongoing changes and requirements in the State of New Jersey, which are becoming more stringent in Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing, Anchor Moving & Storage is updating its policies to comply with the DOT Controlled Substance & Alcohol testing policy.

These legal changes mean that companies and drivers are now subject to harsher fines, penalties, and potential imprisonment if a driver tests positive for Controlled Substance or Alcohol in the event of an accident.

For all commercial drivers, irrespective of their driver’s license classification, the following testing procedures will be implemented:

  1. PRE-EMPLOYMENT: All new drivers must undergo testing, and a negative result is required before they are permitted to operate a Commercial Vehicle on a Public Road.
  2. RANDOM: Drivers employed at Anchor Moving & Storage will be enrolled in a Consortium and randomly selected for testing. Notification may occur even if a driver is off duty. Once notified, prompt reporting to the testing location directed by Anchor Moving & Storage is mandatory. Delaying or refusing the Controlled Substance & Alcohol test within the specified time frame may be considered a refusal, equivalent to testing positive.
  3. POST-ACCIDENT: All drivers will undergo Drug & Alcohol testing in the following scenarios:
    • Involvement in a fatal accident
    • Receipt of a traffic citation resulting from injury
    • Receipt of a traffic citation resulting in a disabling vehicle accident

It is crucial for all employees to be aware of and adhere to these testing protocols to ensure compliance with the updated policies and legal requirements.

Anchor Employee Handbook

All new employees are required to carefully read and sign our handbook, which comprehensively covers rules, procedures, benefits, and the process for appealing decisions. This step is essential to guarantee their understanding of its contents. At Anchor, we strongly encourage our employees to adhere to ‘The Ten Commandments for a Successful Career.’ Following these guidelines is key to fostering a prosperous and enduring career in the moving industry.

Ten Commandments

Direct Deposit

Anchor Moving & Storage will offer Direct Deposit Paychecks to all new hires. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint for future generations. Read through all the benefits of having Direct Deposit for your paychecks.

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Driving Abstracts

New drivers must sign a release form for their driving record to become Atlas Certified.

Getting Certified

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