Commercial Move Management

Avoid wasted time and costly expenses by using our Commercial Moving Teams

What are your responsibilities?

Loose ends or unfinished tasks can cause needless expense and wasted time. Your team’s preparation and attention to the following will help avoid costly interruptions in the relocation process.

  • Internal Communication

    Make sure all employees know what is expected of them and the scheduled times and events that will affect them.

  • External Communication

    Coordinate activities with other vendors so there is no “traffic jam” that interferes with packing, loading or unloading.

  • Utilities

    Contact utility providers for the changeover of services to the new location. Don’t disconnect services until you are sure you no longer need them. And be sure systems are up and running at the new location before delivery

  • Change of Address

    File change-of-address forms for postal deliveries and with vendors and service providers. Evaluate the need to revise stationary and other printed materials.

  • Floor Plans

    Provide detailed drawings for origin and destination, including a scaled “master plan” that shows all work areas at destination floor by floor, department by department and the placement of every item.

  • Liability & Cargo Coverage

    Access your need for liability coverage throughout the project and review available valuation (not insurance) options for your goods with your commercial relocation professional.


You can make it simple.

As every working person knows, simpler is better. To help make your relocation go smoothly, consider the following before your relocation team arrives.

  • Inform employees that items relocate by number according to the masterplan, not by the employee’s name.
  • Use a color-coded tag on every carton to define its contents and placement at the new location. Put the tag on the side of the carton so it’s visible if boxes are stacked.
  • Your relocation specialists will provide commercial-grade cartons and packing paper. Let employees know what they are to pack and what Anchor will pack. Have employees discard unwanted items – this will save time and expense.
  • Encourage groups who will work together in the new location to coordinate the packing of their items so cartons can be more efficiently placed and unpacked.
  • Your Anchor team leader will review with you what items may need to be emptied before they can be relocated.
  • Dissconnect items affixed to walls or other surfaces.
  • File cabinets can be transported with contents intact. If rows of cabinets are bolted together, remove bolts so cabinets can be handled separately.
  • Employees are responsible for transporting small personal plants. Ask Anchor representative about the best way to relocate larger plants. Employees may also wish to transport other small personal items themselves.

What are Anchor Moving and Storage’s responsibilities?

Planning benefits everyone. Your commercial relocation professional will work closely with you during planning to ensure efficient working conditions, minimize interruptions and downtime, and deliver the best value for your company.
Anchor Moving and Storage takes a proactive approach to the many tasks in relocation, and they synchronize their actions for efficiency. No matter how you define success, your Anchor team will stay tuned to your plan in order to reach your stated goals.

Your Anchor team leader will..

  • Perform a walk-through to determine a relocation plan, then discuss the plan – including a review of the schedule and employee responsibilities with your relocation coordinator or committee
  • Assign color codes to floor plan areas for efficient placement of items. The floor plan will be posted where it is convenient to reference during unloading at the new location.
  • Oversee the professional packers, ensuring the right supplies for the right items, and special provisions for fragile goods and electronics.
  • If Needed, secure elevators at both locations and gain the best access to buildings for loading and unloading. If permits are required, your Anchor Representative will obtain them from the proper authorities.
  • Designate an area in the new location for unidentified items, such as those that may have lost a tag.
  • Arrange for storage if needed and provide later delivery of stored items.
  • Develop a contingency plan in the event there is a power outage, elevator failure, or other logistical problems.
  • Discuss special concerns or requirements for the protection of floors, walls, and other vulnerable surfaces.
  • Review the needs for special care in the transport of fragile items, such as electronic equipment and artwork.
  • Perform clean-up and punch-list services as described in the relocation plan.


All members of the Anchor Moving and Storage relocation team are thoroughly background-screened. Team members include a project manager, team leaders at each site, professional van operators, packers and loaders, installers and IT equipment experts, and riggers. Your relocation team provides our team with an essential link to your organization.

Local, onsite management. Worldwide resources.

With Anchor Moving and Storage, you work with local, experienced commercial relocation managers. Plus, with nearly 500 Atlas Agent locations in the U.S. and Canada, and a network of over 300 international partners, you’re connected to worldwide resources. Simple to complex, one-time or on-going, the Atlas programs are designed to minimize downtime.

Project Management

  • Office and Plant Relocation
  • Space Planning
  • FFE Transportation, warehousing, Installation
  • Rigging & Heavy Hauling
  • Disposal and Liquidation
  • Short- and Long-Term Storage
  • Shipment Tracking and Reporting

Facility Services

  • Internal Office Moves
  • Systems and Furniture Installation and Reconfiguration
  • Computer Network Disconnect and Reconnect
  • Containerized Shipping and Storage
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Records Storage
  • Debris Removal & Paper Recycling


Cooperation is key.

There is a saying, “many hands make light work.” Your Anchor team brings knowledge, experience, and a spirit of cooperation to everything we do. We are here to lighten your relocation workload – and support your uninterrupted operation. Working with your team, we anticipate and answer your needs throughout the relocation process. We start with a plan, and we direct your relocation so it unfolds like clockwork.

How many team members do you need?

For less complicated projects, a single relocation coordinator may serve as the key decision maker. For more complex projects, you may appoint a committee. Include people from all parts of your organization to ensure your plan answers the needs of every department.

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • R & D
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping
  • Housekeeping
  • Building & Grounds

If you like, your Anchor relocation experts will be glad to schedule meetings with you and your team to discuss the plan and answer any questions.

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