Rowan University Relocation

Small enough to care,
BIG enough to get the job done.

Anchor M&S relocates Rowan University

rowan-thumbIn December 2013, AMS relocated the Engineering and Facilities department of Rowan University from Linden Hall to the new Shpeen building.  Over 300 boxes needed to be brought down 2 flights of stairs.  What would normally take hours and result in some very tiring legs….Anchor placed flexible/sturdy 4×8 sheets of masonite along the stairs to act as ramps in order to expedite the process and keep the project within budget.  The move consisted of 3 full truck loads full of office furniture, blueprints, and a custom model diorama of the campus that had to be carefully positioned.  Despite the ice, snow, and cold, Anchor was able to perform the move claim free and under budget.

The biggest challenge of the job was to help the Rowan staff fight the urge to go down the slides!

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