Commandments For A Successful Career

Small enough to care,
BIG enough to get the job done.

The Ten Commandments for a Successful Career with Anchor Moving & Storage

  1. Show up to work ON Time, in full Uniform, & with a Positive attitude.
  2. Properly Introduce yourself to the customer with a handshake, smile and addressing customer by their surname unless otherwise corrected. Example: “Major Thompson, my name is “       ” , I’m here to take care of you.”
  3. Properly Protect the Home/Office. Shrink wrap all upholstry in the home. Leave item shrink wrapped until back in new home.
  4. Keep the companies Financial interest in mind. ie. Charge for all materials and services performed, complete paperwork, Minimize liabilities.
  5. Maintain a Professional Environment
    1. No Cursing
    2. No Smoking within 50 feet of truck or customer
    3. No complaining to the customer about: beign tired,another job after this to have to go do, the salesperson always does this, this company is        .
    4. Maintain a Clean work environment


  6. Work as a Team – “Keep your head in the game”. The driver and/or supervisor is normally the team leader, however it doesn’t mean that someone else has to think for you. Understand: the project, what needs to be accomplished, and what your roll is while remaining flexible.
  7. Communicate and update necessary information with all involved parties.
  8. The Customer is always right
  9. If the Customer is wrong, see Commandment #8
  10. No Soliciting for Tips. If you follow steps 1-9, more than likely tips will occur naturally.

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