Mover / Packer

Small enough to care,
BIG enough to get the job done.

Important Note

Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, creed, color, religious belief, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, or veteran status.

Position Summary:

This individual will report to and works under the supervision of the Dispatcher and or the Crew Leader who will be responsible to issue the daily work load and go over any special requirements that the move may need. It is this individual’s responsibility to go over all paper work with the Driver / Crew Leader to know all type of services to be performed prior to the arrival to the customer’s residence.

It is the individual’s responsibility to communicate with the Crew Leader / Driver if they are aware of any deviation on the scope of work that the Company and Crew are to provide, to insure a smooth worry free move for our customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties listed are intended as examples of the various types of work and responsibilities that will be performed by this individual in this classification of employment. This individual will be required to carry out and perform these duties to the best of their ability.

  1. Must have a professional and courteous manner and the ability to work proficiently in a harmoniously manor with other employees and or customers.
  2. This individual shall assist with the process of padding, loading, unloading and proper placement of furniture to the customer’s property.
  3. Assist with the preperation of floor protection and take all steps necessary to insure proper protection of our customer’s property.
  4. Able to follow direction from the company dispatcher, Crew Leader and customer as so directed.
  5. Must wear company-approved uniform and maintain a clean and professional appearence while representing the company at any business location they are assigned to.
  6. Individual shall pack boxes in a professional manner, keeping their work area clean of any trash or left over materials.
  7. Individual shall write the customer’s Name, contents in the box and which room the box should be placed in at destination.Also packer shall put their initials on the box.
  8. Able to dismantle furniture to insure the proper handling to avoid any damage,able to reasssemble the furniture properly to insure the safety of our customers after the job is completed.
  9. Have the understanding that work days may be long at times and that they are not done until the job is completed.
  10. Attend any and all packing or loading classes that may be available to further your knowledge of the industry.
  11. Will be required to work a six day work week if needed.
  12. Individual accepts and will perform any and all work assigned.
  13. It will be your responsibility to perform the work in a safe manner so that no one is put into harms way.
  14. Have the knowledge of packing fragile articles and the boxes that should be utilized for the safe transportation of our customers belongings.
  15. Packers are not to use the customers bed, dressers, counters, tables as a surface to place boxes for packing or unpacking boxes. Have respect for the customer’s belongings.


  1. Individual shall have a way to get to and from work on time as scheduled. A valid drivers license is preferred but not required.
  2. Able to lift items of 80 lbs or greater on a repetitive basis while performing different lifting methods.
  3. Have a High School diploma or equivalent.
  4. Required to pass a criminal background check and drug screen.
  5. Must have a commitment to provide exceptional customer service to our customers.
  6. Have experience in packing and moving of household goods.
  7. Have an understanding that there maybe different start and finish times. And that you would be required to work until the completion of the job.
  8. Will be required to work one to two Saturday’s per month. Individual understands and agrees that there will sometimes be a six day work week.
  9. Will be required to get certified as an approved helper / packer through our van lines, to perform jobs that require certified employees.
  10. Maintian a positive and professional attitude and demeanor with employees and our customers.

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