Employee Direct Deposit

Small enough to care,
BIG enough to get the job done.

Every New Hire is Offered FREE Direct Deposit

  • Environmentally friendly because it reduces our company’s carbon footprint. The green impact can be beneficial for our children’s future.
  • Lost or stolen checks are a common source for identify theft, and fraud. Electronic deposits can increase the protection of employee’s personal information.
  • Money is deposited by Friday at 8 am. (Some banks may deposit on Thursday, depending on your institution)
  • Pay Stubs are emailed to the email address of your choosing and password protected so only you have access.
  • Keep your home clutter free from storing paper records for your end of year tax purposes.
  • No special trips into the office just to pick up your paycheck.
  • If you are on vacation or on a sick day, you can be assured the deposit will be made.
  • Monies can be deposited to a checking, savings account or on a spending card.
  • You can have money sent to a retirement savings plan
  • Employees could also split the money between multiple accounts.
  • Bills can be paid immediately online as soon as the deposit is made.

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    Employment is for our home base in Moorestown, Nj. For over the road drivers, we serve all continental 48 states.

    For questions and concerns regarding applications and processing call 1-800-292-0026

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