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Employee Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing

Do to the ongoing law changes and requirements in the State of New Jersey; they are becoming more stringent in Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing. With theses changes Anchor Moving & Storage will conform our policies to comply with the DOT Controlled Substance & Alcohol testing policy.

With the change of laws Companies and drivers are subject to harsher Fines, Penalties, and could lead to imprisonment, if a driver should test positive for Controlled Substance or Alcohol that has been involved in an accident.

All Commercial Drivers regardless of their classification of driver’s license will be tested for the following.

All new drivers will be tested. A negative result must be produced, before He/She can be permitted to operate a Commercial Vehicle on a Public Road.

Drivers while employed a Anchor Moving & Storage will be enrolled into a Consortium and will be picked at random for testing. A driver maybe notified even if He / She is off duty. Once notified He / She must report to the testing location directed by Anchor Moving & Storage. Delaying or Refusing to take the Controlled Substance & Alcohol test within the time frame may be considered a refusal which is equivalent to testing positive.

All drivers will be Drug & Alcohol tested whenever they are involved, if any of the following occur.

  • Involved in a fatal accident
  • A traffic citation resulting from injury
  • Atraffic citation resulting in a disabling vehicle accident

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